Innovation with Revere: RevereNet

August 3, 2020

Here at Revere we are always seeking to push the boundaries on what we can provide as a mineral rights company to best serve our clients. We know that low times in the market is when innovation is needed most. For that reason, we have pushed ahead on our public launch of RevereNet.

RevereNet is a one of a kind industry first. RevereNet is a comprehensive tool which allows mineral rights owners the ability to view their rights and see a bird’s eye view of all the activity taking place in their units. It is available to owners at absolutely no charge, on a 24/7/365 basis, and eliminates the need to speak to a live person.  

We base all of our information on publicly available filings and compile them into one easy to navigate portal for your convenience. We know personally that finding and reviewing every piece of information can be difficult. But on Reverenet you will find, units of ownership, asset map, historical production, and historical offer price over time specific to your ownership.

We currently are working to diligence as much of Texas as we can, however, we have currently done diligence on the Eagleford East which includes: Karnes, Gonzales, Dewitt, Lavaca, Live Oak County, and partially Atascosa. We aim to have Mcmullen, and La Salle rolled out for mineral owners in the very near future!

We hope you will take the time to login into RevereNet with your personalized access code. If you have misplaced your RevereNet access mailer, please contact one of our friendly associates and we will be happy to provide it over the phone for you. We are also available to answer any questions that you may have or if you may need help logging in.

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