We formed Revere because we think there is a better, more personalized way for buyers to interact with mineral sellers. We know the decision to sell minerals if often a very meaningful one. Our values-driven approach is designed to give you, the mineral owner, confidence that you are getting the right price for your minerals. We pride ourselves on:

  • Quick turnarounds: Revere aims for a five day turnaround on all deals. Our priority is working to get you paid quickly, and eliminate uncertainty. In fact, we closed recent deals in three days and paid owners 40% upfront in earnest money.

  • Straightforward and personal communication: We keep our offers and our communication simple. And you’ll work directly with a member of our team to make sure you feel good about each step of the sales process.

  • Fair and transparent offers: We strongly believe that everyone benefits when valuations are thoughtful and reflect the depth of our proprietary valuation process. By being open with mineral owners about how we think, we hope to inspire comfort and confidence.

  • Flexible approach to partnering with owners: As a small company, we have the ability to get creative and partner with certain owners. This could mean selling a portion of your minerals but holding some of the upside alongside Revere.