About Revere

Revere Resources is a new kind of royalty acquisition firm. We have spent the last two years building a team and developing technology that cuts out the middleman, unearthing a more direct process for doing business that creates better results for buyers and sellers alike. We believe that by using this technology and best practices acquired over decades of energy experience, we can change the mineral market for the better.

Management Team

Daniel Gehrig

Daniel leads the company’s research efforts, develops the company’s acquisitions strategy, and manages the company’s portfolio.  Previously, Daniel worked for Apollo Royalties and Phillips Energy Partners, now having almost 10 years of industry experience.  Outside the office he enjoys volunteering and discussing geopolitics or other current events.

Justin Teauge

Justin specializes in property valuation and directs Revere’s technology initiatives. He has dedicated himself to helping landowners make informed decisions regarding asset concentration, estate planning, and tax strategies. Previously, Justin worked for Apollo Royalties and Phillips Energy Partners. Justin is an aspiring pitmaster who enjoys playing golf and spending time with his wife and son.

Gabriel Bourgeois

Gabe leads the day-to-day operations, corporate strategy, and investment process for the company. He has been involved in the energy space for over twelve years, working closely with management teams as both a consultant and an investor. Gabe is an avid music fan and likes to get outdoors when he’s not in the office.

Colton Robey

Colton leads the team responsible for all royalty sourcing and negotiations. Colton cemented his passions for helping mineral rights owners achieve their dreams early in his career at Phillips Energy and Clearshot Energy. Apart from oil and gas, Colton enjoys time spent on Galveston Bay or in the Hill Country.

Andrea Himmel

Andrea provides the company with strategic insights into upstream activity and the broader energy markets. She gained much of her energy experience at Sanders Capital, an asset management firm founded by the former CEO of Alliance Bernstein. A nationally ranked high school tennis player, Andrea enjoys staying active in her free time, as well as spending time with her two dogs.