About Revere

Revere Resources is a new kind of royalty acquisition firm. We have spent the last five years building a team and developing technology that cuts out the middleman, unearthing a more direct process for doing business that creates better results for buyers and sellers alike. We believe that by using this technology and best practices acquired over decades of energy experience, we can change the mineral market for the better.

SENIOR Management Team

Gabriel Bourgeois

Gabe leads the day-to-day operations and corporate strategy for the company. He has been involved in the energy space for over 14 years, working closely with management teams as both a consultant and an investor. Gabe is an avid music fan and likes to get outdoors when he’s not in the office.

Eugene Lipovetsky

Eugene heads up the business development and the underwriting effort. Eugene has spent 15 years in the energy space and utilizes his understanding of the energy landscape to help create value for Revere’s customers and partners. Eugene is a military history buff and can often be spotted with his dog Phoebe on long runs, usually before dawn.

Andrew Stone

Andrew manages Revere’s acquisitions effort. Being from Oklahoma, Andrew has grown up around the oil and gas business. He has nearly a decade of industry experience, from both a public operator and private investment groups. In Andrew’s spare time, he enjoys all things outdoors including hunting, fishing, mountain biking and skiing.